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H.E Dr. Governor Kimani Wamatangi has officially opened the Third Assembly

H.E Dr. Governor Kimani Wamatangi has officially opened the Third Assembly, paving way for the Members of County Assembly to conduct legislative business over the course of five years.

H.E Dr. Governor Kimani Wamatangi has officially opened the Third Assembly, paving way for the Members of County Assembly to conduct legislative business over the course of five years.

The Governor began his address by thanking residents of Kiambu for entrusting him with the robust County that is home to more than 3 million people.

The Governor, unpacked his priority areas for the County, while pledging to work with the Assembly to enable members carry out their duties of oversight, legislature and representation.

“We have been tasked with a challenge to propel Kiambu County to an unprecedented level of prosperity. In order to achieve this, my administration will be anchored on key pillars that will ensure that our highest aspirations are met within the next five years.” He said.

In his address, the Governor called upon the Members of County Assembly to hold the executive to task in matters of oversight.

“I have entrusted you to be the ones that will help me to attain the figures that I want to attain in our revenue collection. We are targeting to collect seven billion up from 2.5b, in the next one and a half years. We will be requiring your assistance so that we can grow Kiambu.” He said.

He added that, he would be working with the members to establish the Kiambu Peoples Bank, a financial framework set to benefit residents of Kiambu by proving accessible, affordable, county-backed loans and financing.

“We can turn the already existing fund into the 1bn hustlers revolving fund, the facility is there, we already have the relationship, there was already a deposit of Ksh 130 million. We want to grow this together with the collaboration of H.E President William Ruto. It is with the intention that with the right infrastructure of law, that the County Assembly would help us put in place….we can engage in the process of changing the lives of our people using that truly bottom up approach.” He said.

While addressing the drought situation that has adversely affected parts of Kiambu County, Governor Wamatangi said that he had already put in place a County Steering Group (CSG) on drought risk management aimed at overseeing the drought response measures by the actors in the County and consolidate information on interventions.

“This afternoon, food aid has been released for purposes of this intervention, it will be received in Thika and it will be distributed in 7 areas across the County… We will strive to reduce the cost of food production through initiatives  such as the, the Farm Input Subsidy Programme.” He said.

On healthcare, H.E Wamatangi said that he was aware of the challenges grappling the sector within the County and promised to partner with the National Government to deliver a seamless roll-out of Universal Healthcare across the county.

“My healthcare turnaround agenda will involve both roll out of new initiatives as well as upgrading of existing facilities. Under the programme ‘Wealth through health’ initiative, my administration will ensure that benefits from investments in the healthcare sector are maximized.” He said.

He reiterated that he would be focusing on implementing a multi-faceted approach to attracting and retaining business investments in the County. The Governor also highlighted his plans to create Thika into an industrial smart city even as he lobbies for the town to be elevated to city status.

“In regard to Trade and Investment, I will seek to establish Special Economic Zones (SEZs). These zones will be designed to attract local and international investors through a raft of incentives. The SEZs will also generate additional employment as businesses establish their operations. Finally, businesses will also be able to take advantage of embedded cost-related incentives to add value to produce generated within Kiambu County.”

Governor Wamatangi also addressed issues of mobility and transport having established a Kiambu Transport Management Board aimed at streamlining the transport sector in the County.

Regarding sports development, the Governor said that he will actualize a multi-year sports sponsorship programme with a 5 – year target of getting 10% of all Kenyan sports team athletes coming from Kiambu residency, with a focus on recruiting youth.

Also in attendance was the Deputy Governor, Hon. Rosemary Kihika, Kiambu Senator, Hon. Karungo Thang’wa, County Woman Representative Hon. Anne Muratha among other dignitaries drawn from Kiambu County.

Earlier several Members of County Assembly had voiced their expectations of what the governor would say while opening the Third Assembly and called on the Executive to honor the pledges they promised the people of Kiambu.

“Our Governor has a very daunting task, Kiambu has lost time. It is in my behalf that he has the capacity to turn things around for the betterment of the people of Kiambu. We as the Assembly will assist him in achieving his good vision for Kiambu County. Hon Lawrence Mwaura, MCA Ting’ang’a.