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Who lives here?

The population tally in the County, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics report of 2009 is 1,623,282. Majority of the people living in the County are Kikuyus though it is slowly transforming to a cosmopolitan region with other ethnicities primarily working in the civil service, business sector and in informal employment. There is a considerable percentage of Asians and the Caucasian population who are in business or working for various foreign missions.

Economic factor

Most of the people living in Kiambu are predominantly farmers growing tea and coffee as cash crops alongside food crops such as maize, beans, assorted vegetables, pineapples, and sweet potatoes.

Religion and Traditional Culture

Majority of people living in the County are Christians. A small number of residents also subscribe to different faiths including Islam and Hinduism.

The County Government of Kiambu, in the execution of responsibilities and functions bestowed upon it by the Constitution, has been divided into two arms as follows:
  1. The Legislative Arm or the County Assembly headed by the Speaker
  2. The Executive Arm led by the Governor

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