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KUMPHCO Petition the Assembly over Githunguri Historical Sites

Kenya Unity for Memorial, Peace, Heritage and Cultural Organisation (KUMPHCO) have presented a public petition to the County Assembly Committee on Planning and Urbanisation.
The organization is seeking to have Githunguri Public Land No. 801 which is approximately Fifty-Eight (58) acres and which accommodated the former African Teachers College (ATC) where President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was a teacher rehabilitated, converted and preserved to County Government Memorial historical site.

During the visit to the Assembly late last year, the delegation which was led by their Chairman Mr. George Gitau was received by the Committee Chairman Hon. Raphael Waithumbi Chege, MCA together with other Committee Members.
The Committee promised to look into the issue and also visit the area for more insight about the heritage and craft a way forward on possible conservation.
The land is said to have been bought by the people of Kiambu to build ATC which was completed in 1948 and prominent people among them Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Kungu Karumba, and Fred Kubai were former teachers of the institution.

Currently, according to the petitioners, the land accommodates the administrative offices of the County Government and historical sites such as; Jomo Kenyatta College residence, Mbiyu Koinange College residence, Githunguri Girls (Kiriri) dormitory, the gallows (only for pieces of metal remains jutting out from the ground) and the African Independent Church (AIPCA) which are already gazetted by the National Museum of Kenya.

In addition, there are indigenous trees such as one Mutarakwa tree, which is said to be more than 100 years old. It was planted by Mzee Kenyatta and oaths were taken under it and leaders used to discuss and hold meetings there. There is another symbolic tree which was planted by the late Kabaka Mutesa II in 1948 when he visited the place known as Muture in the native Kikuyu language. Leaders also held meetings under it and the third one was planted by First Prime Minister and President of Ghana the late Kwame Nkurumah.
All these, said the petitioners, formed a historical circuit that can be traced and used for tourism purposes by mapping the sites and planning future activities to conserve the same for posterity.

After presenting the petition, the delegation had an interaction with the County Assembly Speaker Hon. R.N. Ndicho where they praised him for his efforts in ensuring that historical sites in Kiambu are identified and conserved as well as championing the recognition of the Mau Mau veterans, heroes and heroines.

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